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 Volume 1, Issue 1, Jan 2013
 Volume 1, Issue 1, Jan 2013
 Volume 1, Issue 1, Jan 2013
 Volume 1, Issue 1, Jan 2013
 Volume 1, Issue 1, Jan 2013
 Volume 1, Issue 1, Jan 2013
 Volume 1, Issue 1, Jan 2013

Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2013

International Journal of Advance Research in Humanities and Social Science (IJOARHS)

Ethical Tensions and Methodologies - Online Cultures[ ]

This paper, birthed out of private, method and moral tension, examines the study of cultures online. Reflective on my previous analysis on fans of the video game series Fallout, anyone studying interaction online and making cultural claims supported these studies, should be conscious of 2 tensions. First, the study of cultures online demands we decide whether we frame online interaction as 'place' or as 'text'. The study of cultures online demands we decide whether we construct our role as 'participant' or 'observer'. These tensions have method and moral dimensions. Ultimately, scholars of cultures online should create these decisions reflexively. Their analysis questions should work in concert with their methods, and their claims should be applicable for the method and moral positions they take.

Racism And Its Presuppositions: Pragmatic Ethics For Social Change[ ]

The paper provides a brief review on effects of racism on individual and society. Racism serves as a diagnostic test which reveals differences and unjustified actions within the nation. The review upholds the argument that fears and hatred-driven forms of racism are not only dangerous but morally incorrect, and socially harmful. This paper focuses on ways of overcoming racism with moral ideas of social intelligence and self-realization and concludes by stressing Dewey's moral pragmatism as a potent instrument of social change.

Unsustainable Education Infrastructure Development In Africa[ ]

The African development emphasized on concept of infrastructure for development rather than increasing production by means of social relations. This has led to underdevelopment as infrastructure for development accumulates primitive capital for consumption rather than reproductive capital. Therefore a dependency relation has developed with the sources of primitive capital accumulation as the dominant group in the relationship which incapacitates the subordinate groups as their recruitment processes are conditioned by the powerful ideological states. The paper shows empirical examples of the acclaimed "success" story of Botswana and the perceived "failed" state of Nigeria.

Coping with Floods in Savannah Region of Ghana[ ]

Human interaction with environment can generate human vulnerability to floods surpassing household and community resistance and resilience. This study is mainly focussed on studying how reducing access to and deteriorating conditions of key assets has increased human vulnerability to floods in the Savannah. The study was used to demonstrate how demographic characteristics of people affect ability to access key assets to cope with floods. Two towns highly vulnerable to floods were selected in Savannah region, data was collected, and analysed. Both qualitative and quantitative analysis was undertaken and presented using descriptive and inferential statistics. The chi square test was used to establish a relationship between variables observed. The results of the analysis showed that most of them lacked access to key assets, which affects their ability to anticipate, resist, and recover from floods. Most vulnerable groups were female and aged, rules areas more vulnerable than urban centre. The study concludes that, there is need of understanding how demographic characteristic affect ability to access key assets and increase human vulnerability to floods and establish and effective program to reduce this.


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