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 Volume 1, Issue 1, Jan 2013

Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2013

International Journal of Advance Research in Computer Science & Engineering (IJOARCS)

Optimization of Gnutella Protocol[ ]

The technology of peer to peer has improved the download mechanism in high rate. The total number of nodes keeps increasing in the network with improvement in the peer to peer protocol. In this discussion we observe the operation of Gnutella protocol and the optimization of its descriptor ping pong message passing mechanism. This also focuses on the scalability of the mechanism. Security issues are also considered with few statistics reflecting on the future changes.

Cyber Forensic Investigation Plan[ ]

Cyber crime proves to be dangerous at times when they go beyond only hacking and crack of commercial software or stealing the credit card details or making any ecommerce fraud. The range of cyber crime can extend up to hijacking the satellite and sensitive information from the army or other security services that serve the country. The need for cyber forensic investigation is very important considering the seriousness of the case. The investigation has some particular requirements based on the technical and human resources. The paper proposes and investigation plan for executing the evidence searching and investigation with help of FTK tool.

Data mining Techniques for Accident Datasets[ ]

Descriptive analyses of the magnitude and scenario of road safety normally and road accidents especially is important, but understanding of information quality, factors related with dangerous situations and completely different fascinating patterns during a knowledge is of even larger importance. Beneath the umbrella of an information design research for road safety in developing countries, the objective of this machine learning experimental research is to explore knowledge quality problems, analyze trends and predict the role of road users on doable injury risks. The paper explains TreeNet, Classification and accommodative Regression Trees (CART), Random Forest (RF) and hybrid ensemble approaches.

Scaling in Cloud Computing[ ]

The cloud computing is a resource and offers computer assets with services instead of a deliverable product which allows storage and sharing of the files of multiple types like audio, video, software’s, data files and many more. The data is shared over internet cloud storage and can be accessed for free and also at an affordable price. The effective way of sharing the information and technology by collaboration the real world to availed the competitive advantages. This paper makes a brief description about the cloud computing and its scaling techniques the main explanation is on vertical scaling and horizontal scaling with examples.


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