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 Volume 1, Issue 1, Jan 2013
 Volume 1, Issue 1, Jan 2013
 Volume 1, Issue 1, Jan 2013
 Volume 1, Issue 1, Jan 2013
 Volume 1, Issue 1, Jan 2013
 Volume 1, Issue 1, Jan 2013
 Volume 1, Issue 1, Jan 2013

Volume 1, Issue 2, February 2013

International Journal of Advance Research (IJOAR)

Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Tabu Search Algorithm Based Maintenance Scheduling of Generating units of a power system[ ]

A Hybrid Genetic algorithm combined with Tabu search has been proposed for the Maintenance Schedule (MS) of electric generation units. The performance of the Hybrid Genetic algorithm is promising. The Hybrid Genetic algorithm tested by power system problems for 4 units. The algorithm was developed, implemented and tested on an integrated model for the MS problem. The model used two criteria: Minimizing the total generator operating cost and leveling the reserve. Each of the above criteria is used with the following constraints: maintenance completion, crew size, precedence, and reserve and resource constraints. The Hybrid Genetic algorithm was used to check the validity and the quality of the solution and compared with Tabu search based MS.

Control of Voltage sag/swell in three phase distribution line using UPQC[ ]

The paper presents a three phase four wire distribution system for measurement of Voltage sag and voltage swell. Considering unbalanced condition of sags occurring across two phases say A and B in the distribution line. Initially the sag events are minimized using FACTS device –Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC). Mitigation of the sags and swells is done with the help of Kaiser’s formula of windowing technique, which controls the operation of the Unified Power Quality Conditioner. Comparison of the output is done with UPQC-Fuzzy controller technique along with UPQC-Kaiser window technique.

Synthesis and spectral studies of pyranone derivatives[ ]

2-Pyranones and their derivatives are found to possess pronounced biological activates compounds in which the pyranone ring is fused with other aromatic ring have also been found to possess remarkable biological properties. Many such derivatives are known in literature containing various, heterocyclic compounds fused with Indole. In recent review synthesis and antimicrobial activity of hetero-cyclic analogues of the 2-Pyranones are described. The Pyranone ring represents an important pharmacophore in drug, notable clinical examples. Keeping on view, the importance of Indole and its derivatives. A good number of these compounds are found to be biologically active.

The Relationship between Brand Equity, Apparel Product Attributes and Purchase Intention: A Study of Selected Apparel Brands in India[ ]

The main purpose of this study is to investigate the relationships among brand equity, Apparel Product Attributes and purchase intention from Indian young consumers view point. To accomplish these, a conceptual framework was designed and relationships among its constructs (Brand equity: Brand loyalty, perceived Quality, Brand association, Brand awareness), (apparel product Attributes: price, quality, design, Brand, style, Retail Store) and purchase intention were hypothesized. Data were collected from Indian students’ who were the owners of selected brand of Apparel garments. Hypotheses were tested using spearman’s Rho correlation coefficient analysis by using of SPSS. Results indicated that , (I) the relationship between brand equity (brand awareness, brand association, perceived quality, brand loyalty) and purchase intention was significant and positive and (2) the relationship between product attributes and purchase intention was also significant and positive.

Speed Control Of Induction Motor Using Predictive Current Control and SVPWM[ ]

In this paper work, sensorless speed control of three phase induction motor is to be carried out using predictive current method and space vector PWM. A closed loop estimation system is proposed with robustness against motor parameters variation is used for the control approach. The novelty of the presented solution is the integration of a simple observer for both speed/flux and current control purposes, and the obtained results have been improved in comparison to the previous works.

Estimation of Polonium Contents in Soil and Plant Samples in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India[ ]

The study was performed using alpha counting system at College of Science, Mohanlal Sukhadia University Udaipur, Rajasthan. Through the study, the observed 210Po activity in plant and soil sample from different locations in Bhoio Ki Pancholi area ranges from 2.45-173.50 Bq kg-1 on dry weight basis. The daily and annual intake of 210Po through water was also estimated and the mean value of 0.72 and 263.61 Bq, respectively, were observed. It is observed that the effective doses through water were higher than the World Health Organization recommended dose of 0.05 mSv/year. The polonium contents in soil samples are in the range of 2.45-173.50 Bq kg-1 on dry weight basis. In soil samples minimum polonium contents was observed in samples no. BS I-17S. Maximum polonium contents (173.50 Bq kg-1) were observed in sample no. BS II-4S. This soil sample was collected from the farmer’s field in which it was growing Triticum aestivum At site BS I, Jatropha curcas showed the maximum polonium concentration (22.67 Bq/kg) (sample no. BS I-7P). Certain other plants with high concentrations of polonium were Azadirachta indica, Tabernaemontana divaricata & Lantana camara. Minimum polonium concentration was observed in Calotropis procera (0.36 Bq/kg).In plant samples polonium contents was observed in the range of 0.36-25.94 Bq kg-1. The plants of site BS II were also found to concentrate quite high polonium concentration ranging 1.91-25.94 Bq kg-1. Maximum polonium contents (25.94 ) was observed in sample no. BS II-16P .

Values of Leadership[ ]

Leadership can, and does, happen at any level of an organisation Anyone who can see clearly what needs to be done, has the stamina to keep going, can muster resources, think innovatively, and perhaps most importantly, inspire and engage others to accompany them, will be considered a leader.The best leaders throughout history have been those who have forged a new way that has been sustainable and strong. These values connect us to our own capacity for mastery over limited past patterns and the circumstances we face in leadership roles.


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